Greetings from Somewhere or Other

This card is probably a local. The setting looks generic, and the existence of that much stone fence in the Pekin area seems doubtful. The "GREETINGS FROM PEKIN, IND." caption looks almost as if it has been mimeographed onto the card. The card was published by the B. H. Grimes Co., Frankfort, Ind., and postmarked on Nov. 17, 1923 at 4 p.m. The post office name is missing from the cancel stamp, but the card is headed "Pekin, Ind., 11/11/23."

This card was sent in response to a request for cards published in a magazine. Several of the cards in this collection were mailed in such exchanges or swap clubs.

The message is addressed to Mrs. Nelson S. Gray, Delhi, 44 Main St., New York (presumably that's Delhi, New York), and reads: "Dear Mrs. Gray:- In reply to our request for cards in Nov. Comfort (?) I am writing because my name too was Gray before marriage. I am 22 years of age. Have dark brown hair & eyes. Weigh 118 lbs. & am 5 ft. 6 in. tall. Am a graduate from Borden High School but am living on the farm & enjoy farm life. Sincerely, Mrs. Arthur Leovell." A note in pencil under the address says "ans Nov. 21, 1923."

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