Postcards from Salem and Washington County, Indiana

Greetings from Salem, Indiana, the county seat of Washington County, located 38.559 degrees north of the equator and 86.106 degrees west of the prime meridian. And welcome to the largest collection of Salem postcards on the Web. This collection is arranged by decade, or by subject:

The 1900s |  The 1910s |  The 1920s |  The 1930s |  The 1940s |  The 1950s |  The 1960s |  The 1970s |  The 1980s |  Advertising and miscellaneous

Salem, Indiana. It's a great small town for whatever you need a small town for. It's got good people and lots of history. The postcards collected here are one way to reach into that history. Pick a decade from the index above and look around Salem. Enjoy. Don't hurry. Salem never does.

There's more than postcards here, too. You can read about Salem's most famous native son, John Hay, who was Abraham Lincoln's private secretary, a successful poet and novelist, and Secretary of State. You can also read about Warder Stevens, Salem's historian par excellence.

And if you think you know whose farm that is in the postcard above, or where that turn is on State Road 56, check here.

Histories of Salem and Washington County

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Where do Salems come from?

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