Stevens Museum, Salem, Indiana

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The Stevens Memorial Museum was built in 1970 of native brick from local historic buildings, according to the Washington County History Page. The museum displays a collection of historic relics including Civil War mementos, tools, furniture, and clothing.

The museum also houses the Washington County Historical Society Genealogy and Historical Library, and a "pioneer village" of historical buildings, including the H. H. McClellan General Store, has been collected on the museum's grounds.

The museum is named for Warder Stevens, newspaper editor and historian, and author of "The Centennial History of Washington County, Indiana," published in 1916. He included an autobiographical entry in that volume.

This card was published by D. J. Mahuron, Box 50, Salem, Indiana and printed by the Dexter Press, West Nyack, New York, numbered 14997-D. The caption reads:

Constructed in 1970 from old 'Shrum' brick made locally over 100 years ago, Stevens Museum was built as a memorial to preserve the heritage of our community. John Hay Center and the museum are owned and operated by the Washington County Historical Society, 307 East Market St., Salem, Indiana."

This copy of the card was purchased at the museum on July 5, 1980.

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