Washington County Courthouse, Salem, Indiana

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This view looking north toward the courthouse from a vantage point on South Main Street is very similar to the Centennial parade view. (This could be a sort of sequicentennial view: this series of cards was evidently made in the early to middle 1960s, and 1964 would have been Salem's Sesquicentennial.)

The card shows some of the signage of the businesses on the east side of the street, beginning with the Rexall Drug Store on the corner (which half a century before would have been Robertson's Drug Co. and had later belonged to Don Williams. Sullivan's Appliances sold Admiral TV sets, and Bellows Jewelry sold . . . jewelry. Dimly, under the sidewalk canopy you can see a sign for Porter's Music Center -- "Sagalong" Taylor Porter was a country-music DJ for WSLM. I don't remember his store, but he probably tried selling records and guitars for a while. (Porter's nickname, by the way, goes back to 1950's TV cowboy Hopalong Cassidy.) And Washington County Republican Headquarters was upstairs.

The right-most of the establishments in the picture is the 106 Tavern (or "1.OH.6" as the signboard has it). It was one of three establishments on South Main that sold liquor in the '60s -- the tattered remnant of a time (perhaps mythical) going back to before the Civil War, when South Main was reputedly lined with gin mills and beer joints all the way from the railroad station up to the square. (The 106, like the drugstore, may also be in the centennial view -- unfortunately, only one storefront sign is partially visible in that picture, and it reads "Apple's 10. . . .")

The card is numbered H13H in the L. L. Cook series of real-photo views of Salem. It was mailed on May 3, 1972, from Canton -- not Canton, Indiana, four and a half miles east of Salem, but Canton, Kansas. It is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Orris Van Meter, 2288 Roach, Salina, Kansas. The message is brief: "Hi. Made it here and back home again, had a wonderful time. Raymond, Leona." (04/07/03)

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