Washington County Courthouse, Salem, Indiana

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This view across the Brock Creek bridge east up Market Street to the square and the Courthouse feels like a filler, thrown in to round out a set of a dozen cards. The photograph is of nothing in particular -- the most of anything in the picture is pavement, and the image is curiously crooked: Why couldn't the print be straightened up so the Courthouse at least doesn't tilt like the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

The building visible over the bridge on the right was a feed-and-farm-supply, and out of sight on the left past the Ford pickup truck was Curtis Miller's lumber yard. The building with the light-colored facade just over the top of the pickup was a used farm-implement dealer, and the Farmers-Citizens Motor Bank is visible in the distance just to its right.

This card is unused, but like the others in this series seems to date to the early to middle 1960s. (11/10/01)

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