Washington County Courthouse, Salem, Indiana

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This is the third public high school building in Salem's near-200-year history. It was opened in 1957, and the 1909 high school building became a junior high school.

This building was something of an architectural marvel -- you can see the gap in the middle that marked the stream that ran into a small pond (we didn't call them "water features" yet in 1957) in front of the school. (The pond was more trouble than it was worth visually, and it was finally filled in when the school went through a major remodel 50 years later.) The watercourse separated the academic wing, on the left in this photograph, from the administrative wing, and the gymnasium and band room were at the far right (that's the hospital visible beyond the school at the right edge of this card).

How strange "50 years later" seems. I was a student at the new junior high in '57 and '57, and a freshman in this building in 1959, graduated in 1963 -- more than 50 years ago, yet to me it's the "new" high school.

This card was mailed from Salem on Mar. 9, 1970 to Mrs. C.W. Reyman in Colton, California. It reads, "Dear Maysel & Charlie: I just saw this picture downtown and thought it was real good. We can see it from our yard. That is the hospital in the rear. We are OK. Ray has picked up sticks & small limbs this A.M. Haven't heard from Pauls since April 4. How about that? Weather is fine. Gertrude." (2/16/14)

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