Salem, Indiana Postcards -- The 1920s

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  The Knobs 12 miles north of Salem

  Monon Depot

The Ink-Captioned Real-Photo Cards

  Salem-Washington Twp. High School


  John Hay Monument


  Baptist Church, 1921


  Deer Farm, Polk Township


  Stone House, Beck's Hill, 1923


  Beck's Mill Bridge, 1923

Tresselar 5c and 10c Store series
  High School, 1924

  Carnegie Library


  Stout-Mahorney-Duckwall Factory

B. H. Grimes Co. "Black Caption" series
  High School, 1930
Bregstone PTV real-photo series

  1. East Side of the Square


  2(?). Birthplace of John Hay


  3. Washington County Court House


  4. High School


  5. Grade School


  6. Carnegie Library


  7. Bank of Salem Building


  8. Cabinet Factory


  9. M. E. Church


  10. Baptist Church


  12. Presbyterian Church


  13. South Side, Public Square


  16. The Knobs

Neal's Soda Fountain series
  Northeast Side, Public Square

  Millport Knob near Salem, Ind.


  Millport Knob -- a curve


  A Curve on Millport Knob


  Millport Knob Near Salem, Ind. Turning Down to the Boot Toe.

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