Salem, Indiana Postcards -- The 1910s

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  Fredericksburg M.E. Church, 1911


  Christian Church, 1911


  Waggoner's Concert Band, Fredericksburg


  Road Near Beck's Mill


South Main Street  South Main Street


  Washington County Courthouse (Fall)


  Washington County Courthouse (Winter)


  Panorama of Salem


  Sheriff Harry Barnett


  Salem Centennial Celebration -- South Main Street, 1914


  Salem Centennial Celebration -- North Main Street, 1914


  North Main Street, 1915


  John Hay Monument

The Art Manufacturing "Blue Sky" series
  Washington County Courthouse, 1916

  High School, 1911

The Weixelbaum Bros. Co. series
  Courthouse from the North
  Courthouse from the South

  Christian Church

B. H. Grimes Co. "Red Caption" series
  High School, 1922

  Carnegie Library, 1919


  Methodist Church, 1921

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