Fredericksburg M.E. Church, Washington County, Indiana

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This is a "real photo" card (a term that is explained in the caption for the Beck's Mill Road card. Fredericksburg is a hamlet in the far southwest corner of Washington County, in Polk Township, on U.S. 150 about midway between Hardinsburg and Palmyra, if that helps. (If not, here's a map.)

The card is an apparent double-exposure: overlaid on the brick church you can see a faint image of a white, pillared building. Because this is a real photographic print it could have happened in the printing process, or it could be ruboff from another card pressed against it in an album.

The card is captioned in the negative: the photographer wrote directly on the negative, probably a glass plate, with india ink, and the result reverses to white in the print. The overwrought script makes it hard to decipher the credit on the right side of the image. It reads "Photo by PENN, Salem."

This card was mailed from Fredericksburg (which is the correct spelling, not "Fredricksburg" as the photographer captioned it) on Feb. 27, 1911, addressed to Louise Steers, RFD 1, Wantaugh, Long Island, New York and the message implies it was sent as part of a card club exchange. "Dear Louise," it says, "I rec'd your pretty card and think you for it. . . . Your Club Cousin, Mabel Click, Fredericksburg, Ind. R.R. 8." (1/26/01)

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