Salem, Indiana Postcards -- The 1900s

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The "Souvenir Postal Card, Salem, Indiana, U. S. A." series

  Secretary Hay's Birthplace, 1906
  Courthouse, 1906
  High School, 1906

  Elementary School, 1906

Souvenir Postal Cards, Second printing

  John Hay House, 1907

  Courthouse, 1907

  Carnegie Library, 1907


  Presbyterian Church


  Weir Memorial M.E. Church

"Post Cards" (Souvenir Postal Cards, Third Printing)
  John Hay House, before 1907
The first Curt Teich series

  Court House, 1907


  Presbyterian Church, 1908

  Elementary School, 1907
Early Divided-Back Cards
  The Chapel
  Last Day at The Old High School, 1908

  High School Dedication, 1908


  John Hay Birthplace, 1909


  Brock Creek Bridge

The Robertson Drug Co. series
  Carnegie Library, 1908
  Public School Building, 1909

  Courthouse, 1909


  Hay Birthplace, 1908

The C. U. Williams Real Photo series
  I.O.O.F. Building, Salem, Ind.
  Methodist Church
  Baptist Church, 1907
  Library, 1909
  Courthouse, Salem, Ind.
  South Main Street, 1907
The C. U. Williams Photoette series
  South Main Street, 1908

  East Market Street, 1908


  North Main Street, 1908


  Southeast corner of the Square, 1908


  Panorama of Salem from west of the town, 1908


  Courthouse, 1909

The C.U. Williams "Blue Sky" Series

  Carnegie Library, Salem, Ind., 1910


  M.E. Church, Salem, Ind.


  Salem-Washington Township Joint High School, Salem, Ind.


  Weir Memorial M.E. Church, Salem, Ind., 1912

The C. U. Williams Brownette series
  Carnegie Library, 1911

  High School

The Art Manufacturing series
  Four views of Salem, 1909
  Graded School, 1908

  East Market Street, 1908


  Carnegie Library, 1908


  South Main Street, 1908


  Courthouse, South Side, 1908

The "Red Back" series
  Blue River, 1909



  Carnegie Library, 1910


  Jouhn Hay Birthplace, 1913


  Beck's Mill, 1910


  Old High School


  "Lyon High School," 1909


  Salem-Washington Twp. Joint High School


  Salem-Washington Twp. High School


  Elementary School, 1911


  Baptist Church


  Weir Memorial Methodist Church, 1911


  Christian Church


  Sinclair Residence Flat


  A Residence of Salem, Ind., 1914


  Brock Creek Bridge


  Monon Railroad Arch Bridge, Salem, Ind., 1914


  State Street (sic) Wagon Bridge, Salem, Ind., 1910


  Northwest Corner of Square, Salem, Ind.

C.U. Williams Flood Scenes
  Flood Scene Looking South, 1909

  Flood Scene Looking North, 1909

Apple 5 & 10c Store Series
  Salem High School

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