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AT&T New Media Services Diaspora List

(07/29/03) A note about email addresses -- As spam has increased I've become more sensitive to maintiaining an online list of email addresses -- a sensitivity many of you share. I've updated this page so that emails no longer appear in clear ASCII text either in the visible page or in its HTML source. There are no more "mail-to's" or "" symbols.

This will be a nuisance if you are a human being: you can no longer click on an address and have a properly addressed form open in your email client. You can't even copy the address out of this page and paste into your email without doing some extra work to make it a valid address.

But it should stop robot email address collectors that harvest addresses from Web pages for spammers. If you think you're getting spam because of the presence of your email address on this page, please let me know.


This list was originally posted and maintained by Andrew Greene, but it has disappeared from his Web site at MIT. I kept a copy, so here it is. The original list is marked "last updated 17 October 1996." Names in blue I have updated since 2001, and more recently I've begun adding a date to updated entries. If you have new information you'd like to see here, I'll be happy to add or update. On the other hand, I'm equally sensitive to privacy concerns. If you're here but don't want to be, I'll be happy to remove you. Either way, drop me a line at ddejeandejean.com.

If you'd like to see ALL the names, check the phone list -- but remember, it's company confidential, and the statute of limitations hasn't run out on your non-disclosure yet.

-- David DeJean

Andrew's original introduction:

    Wondering where the people you used to work with have ended up? I promise to try to keep this listing up to date, but in exchange you have to promise to email me with your information whenever it changes. I will not put any personal information on this page except what people ask me to include about themselves, or what appears in newspapers (and is therefore public knowlege). NB: This page is not affiliated in any way with AT&T or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. They are not responsible for its content, nor does this page contain any proprietary or confidential information of AT&T. (So please don't sue me...) Miss the Interchange fonts? Check out Verdana, Matthew Carter's latest work. "It has been with faces like Bell Centennial that we have seen designs from Matthew Carter that owe little to any ideas except his own. Charter was made to work in a low resolution laser printing environment. There was also the set of screen fonts called Interchange." So bits and pieces live on... In July, Jim Manzi and Industry.net merged with NMS to form a new company called NetSink Nets, Inc. AT&T will hold a minority interest in the new company. So, technically, everyone is now a former NMS'er!

Abraham, Jane -- I am at Raytheon as a lead instructional designer, working on web-based and instructor-based training projects. Work: jane_abrahamraytheon.com; home: janeabrahamearthlink.net

Allen, Lisa -- I've moved to Granitar, a consulting/systems integrator in Framingham, I'm Director, Media & Publishing. I get to mix operations with strategy while working with media companies as they develop and implement their cross-channel plans; phone 508-661-4011, Lisa.Allengranitar.com or there's always inboxlisaallen.com (7/02)

Auciello, Anthony -- in Somerville, 617-628-2385; AAuciello6365aol.com (2/02)

Bala, Anne -- New contact information (AGAIN!) Moving on from the start-up world I am the new Associate Director of Web Services at Tufts. My new phone is 617-627-4243 and my email is anne.balatufts.edu and you can always reach me at annebala_99yahoo.com (8/02)

Barrett, Tom -- CEO of EnCirca, focused on registration of personal names. Also check out our new free change of address service at www.MailRegistry.net; E-mail: tombarrett.name; Web site: tom.barrett.name (3/02)
Belash, Nadia -- See Nadia McKay.

Belove, Ed -- 617-492-5048; edbelove.com (2/02)

Bergstein, Steve -- Can be reached at Andersen Consulting. 617-330-4419; Steve.H.BergsteinAC.com

Bertoni, David -- 617-693-2774; dbertonicrd.lotus.com

Blake, Marcia -- I'm still merrily consulting via my company, Automagix!, and still loving what I do. marciaautomagix.com

Boag, Scott -- Lotus Development Corp. 617-693-5295 (work); 617-939-5938; Scott_Boagcrd.lotus.com

Bock, Brian -- I'm working for myself, Bock Interactive Inc. I've also moved to Burlington, Vermont. Nice place, has mountains, good skiing, etc. 802-862-2000; bbockbockinteractive.com

Bogartz, David -- see Coletta, David

Budnick, Larry -- 7 Pleasant Circle, Canton, MA 02021. 781-821-9321 (home); 781-501-4364 (work); lbudnickmuzeware.com

Busa, Christine -- (formerly Christine Breed); cbusacmgi.com

Carpenter, Shey -- See O'Grady, Shey

Carpenter, Ted -- I am at Harvard doing a Master's thesis on the concept of a digital enterprise architecture; ecarpentgsd.harvard.edu (2/02)

Coe, Douglas -- dougcoes.com (2/02)

Cohen, Bill -- at Systemsoft Corp. in Natick. 508-647-4102; wcohensystemsoft.com

Coletta, David -- (Formerly David Bogartz -- got married last year, and we took a new family name.) I was a member of the original development team at eRoom Technology, currently Quality Engineering Manager. davidcolettas.org (2/02)

Cress, Jae -- Director, Design Managment at Fidelity eBusiness. 508-787-6285; jae.cressfmr.com (4/04)

Culbert, Jim -- VP Technology at MetraTech -- jimculbert.net (2/02)

Dao, Charles -- Partner, Lower Mills Group. cdaolowermills.com

Day, David -- I am now QA architect at Curl Corporation. Susan LaPierre and Eli Wylen are also here. ddaycurl.com (2/02)

DeFonzo, Doug -- ddefonzoworldnet.att.net

DeJean, David -- Freelance writing and Web content -- White Papers R Us! 617-969-7054; ddejeandejean.com. Web site: www.dejean.com (2/02)

DeJean, Sally -- Sr. Notes Architect, Thomson & Thomson in Quincy (love the job, hate the commute). 617-376-5044; sally.dejeant-t.com (2/02)

DiPerna, Richard -- richarddiperna.com

Downey, Christine -- I'm at MIT working for the Directors of the Capital Projects Group of the Facilities Department; Downeymit.edu (2/02)

Doyle, Bill -- At Forrester Research in Cambridge. bdoyleforrester.com (work); bill_doyleyahoo.com (home) (2/02)

Drucker, David -- I was on the Interchange Team briefly before the sale to AT&T and stayed on with Ziff to work on the Yahoo Internet Life CDs and website, MSNBC's 'The Site' and NetBuyer. I'm working now for MediaOne, which is about to be sold to AT&T! ddruckerattbi.com (2/02)

Drummey, Joe -- I'm now working at Brown & Company (a division of JPMorgan Chase) in downtown Boston; jdrummeybrownco.com (w); joedrummeyhotmail.com (h) (5/03)

Ducot, Robin -- After being at Avolent in San Francisco for 4.5 years as their VP of Professional Services, I am FINALLY taking a few months off. My next venture will be another start up where I'll run the technology group; rducotpacbell.net (2/02)

Duda, Stacey -- I've gone corporate! I'm at American Express managing the redesign of their Member Rewards website. I am also married as of last September. I see Anthony Coughlan all the time (he lives here in NYC too) as well as Wendy VanKonynenberg (formerly King). She and Brian are going to have a baby in July 2003; sdudarocketmail.com (1/03)

Efstratiou, Jim -- jimefstratiou.com (5/03)

Eisenstein, Jane -- janeeworld.std.com

Ericson, Bethany -- I'm living in Gloucester and freelancing. I've spent the year writing a travel guidebook to New England Cabins & Cottages for Avalon Travel. I'm still doing publishing, freelance writing and doing contract mosaic and glass work. bethany.ericsonverizon.net (5/03)

Fitzgerald, CC -- 781-235-1499; ccfitzgeraldcomcast.net (2/04)

Fox, Patricia -- 978-685-9639; patricia.fox1comcast.net

Fratkin, Bill -- BASF Bioresearch. 508/849-2766; 70564.3073compuserve.com

Freeman, Gail -- I'm working with John Worrall, Marnie Sief and Lisa Landa at RSA Security -- really fun to be with them again. Mikey is in first grade! Can you believe it? And Olivia is 4; freeman22mediaone.net (9/02)

Gallagher, Anne -- As of 11/4, Manager of Community Development, Planet Direct. aegallagaol.com

Gardner, Marty -- After a year at a startup studio, I'm now freelancing on my own. martystyla.com (2/02)

Garison, John -- Logophile, thaumaturgist, neologist, scribe. Working at IDe, 150 Baker Avenue Extension, Concord, MA 01742, 978-402-2907. jgarisonide.com (work); johngarisons.com (home). Web site -- www.garisons.com. (2/02)

Geary, Bob -- bobgearygis.net.com (11/02)

Giachetti, Gina -- I'm in California working for Text 100, a High Technology Public Relations firm, but am hoping to move back to the East Coast sooner than later. ggiachettihotmail.com. (2/02)

Grady, David -- I'ves been at PR firm Brodeur Worldwide since 1998, and I teach Web classes at Emerson College. 617-587-2077; davidgradymailexcite.com (2/02)

Greene, Andrew -- Working at Pageflex (it's been seven years!). Heather and I have a son, Nathaniel, and more recently a daughter, Alissa Rosalie (born August 4, 2003), as well; email: andrewgreenehouse.com (11/03)

Greene, Heather -- Mother of Nathaniel and Alissa Rosalie; heathergreenehouse.com (11/03)

Growney, Jean -- See Jean Nugent

Grunbaum, Mark -- I travelled around the country and generally took it easy after TimeĜ timed out, and have recently been contracting. Please drop me a line if you hear of any Boston-area oportunities! My resume is at www.grunbaum.org; e-mail: markgrunbaum.org

Hacker, Scot -- Author of Peachpit's "The BeOS Bible" and O'Reilly's "MP3: The Definitive Guide," now working as webmaster for the UC Berkeley Grad School of Journalism; shackerbirdhouse.org

Hardy, Douglas -- After more than two years at Monster.com as VP Consumer Products, I'm changing my relationship with the company and writing a book; dhardymonster.com (3/02)

Harmon, Kristyn -- (formerly Kristyn Seebach) Working at Fidelity Investments in Boston. kristyn.harmonfmr.com (2/02)

Hassan, Wendy -- I was a part of Ken Jeffers and Michael Howard's start-up that was sold to Siebel Systems in 1997. Since then, I've been at Siebel, even including a move from Boston to Seattle. I now have two kids, a boy Noah and a girl Kate; wendyhassanyahoo.com (2/02)

Hawley, Diane -- 781-821-4123. dianehawleyyahoo.com (2/02)

Hessman, Mark -- Quite a bit has happened in the last few months. My wife has received a fellowship from the Hoover Institution at Stanford, so we drove west from Madison and are settling down in Palo Alto, CA for a while. Near-simultaneously, I was laid off by Genuity; I'm now looking for something interesting in the post-bubble Bay Area high-tech scene. I'd love to hear from any former Interchangers (Interchangeables?) around here! 650-326-9033; mhessmantheworld.com (10/02)

Hilshey, Mary -- After riding the Time0 wave, moved on to MRO Software; currently looking for another tech writing gig; mhilsheyadelphia.net (1/03)

Hobday, Carol Marsh -- Manager, Information Design & Delivery, Polycom, Inc., 100 Minuteman Drive MS 713, Andover, MA 01810; 978-292-4962; carol.hobdaypolycom.com

Howie, Hank -- President, Blue Fang Games, One Cranberry Hill, Suite 105, Lexington, MA 02421; 781-861-7272 x201 (work); hghbluefang.com (2/02)

Jeffers, Ken -- I started a business in 1996 that I sold to Siebel Systems in 1997. Since then, I've been on several company board and have worked with local VC firms. My kids are 13 and 15 and I spend a ton of time with them -- and plenty of time on the golf course; kjeffersultranet.com (2/02)

Johnson, Pat -- pjohnsontechnoscope.com

Jones, Nick -- Principal Internet Architect at AdValue Technologies. Alas, it's closing down in July 2002 after a decade of making transaction and knowledge management systems for the media industry; nick_jonesattbi.com (2/02)

Kelley, John -- Co-Founder of Atypica Inc., in our sixth year; 781-275-1890 x25, johnatypica.com

Kerwien, Craig -- Microsoft. craigkmicrosoft.com; craigkgearguide.com (2/02)

Kleppner, Andrew -- eRoom Technology, 725 Concord Ave, Cambridge, 617-300-6466; andrewkeroom.com

Knight, Andy -- I just started with the Fidelity eBusiness design group in Boston. andylowermills.com (2/02)

Kocsmiersky, Rob -- My email has changed once again because I am no longer at i2 Technologies; robkocsmierskyattbi.com (1/03)

Kolowich, Michael -- I'm doing angel investing under the entity of Brant Point Ventures now. michaelkolowich.com

Kraley, Mike -- mikekraley.com (2/02)

Lacourte, Lu -- I'm with Sapient and have been for the past 6 years; llacourteyahoo.com (2/02)

Landa, Lisa -- After a year at home with Sophie and Phil I've joined the Cymbal branding and design firm, and will be focused on new business development and promotion. I've been on the client side for the last 15+ years, so it is a real kick learning again how to be a consultant; lalcymbalbranding.com (1/04)

LaPierre, Susan -- I've been at home with the kids for nearly two years now (Matthew, 6 and Benjamin, 3), teaching Ballroom dance and starting up a small medical billing service. We also bought a rental propery on Martha's Vineyard. Check it out: www.stay-at-the-vineyard.com. slapierreverizon.net (1/04)

Laredo, Leslie -- President, The Laredo Group, Inc. We moved to Florida (Fort Lauderdale area) this year. We keep a boat here so we decided that we really can work from anywhere. Still doing Internet advertising sales training; 954-577-5700 ext. 99; leslielaredogroup.com (2/03)

Leland, Steve -- Since Interchange - wow! I've done the little company swallowed by the big company - several times, done the dot bomb startup thing, then gone to the polar opposite ultra corporate IBM now, Working on Domino server code for Lotus in Westford. Been steadily becoming one of the shorter males in the house as those around me grow at a fearsome rate, moved from Hudson to Bolton, will have a college graduate in May, while the youngest, born as I started Interchange, finishes up 5th grade; Home email: stevepouchapond.com (2/03)

Liberty, Jesse -- This year I've been doing a lot of writing for O'Reilly and MSDN, but now it is time to return my attention to contract programming. I've been very focused on .NET for the past two years, but I've certainly had contracts in C++, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server, and related technologies as well. You can read about what I'm up to and the kind of work I like to do on my web site: http://www.LibertyAssociates.com; jlibertylibertyassociates.com (6/02)

Liberty, Stacey -- Liberty Associates, Inc. slibertylibertyassociates.com (2/02)

Linskey, Charles -- I was on the early Interchange team (left to do Web work before AT&T). I'm still designing solutions for print and interactive media, and have taught various interactive media classes at Northeastern for the past five years. Built a few web solutions for PictureTel, CMGI, Percussion and more. I help startups get a cohesive look and feel, because good ideas can't wait for a good market. -- linskeycattbi.com (2/03)

Lippincott, Rob -- I am laboring in the edu-space and still under the (could I be mistaken) impression that there are ads and products we can sell to support cool stuff. I'll be ready! rlippincottfen.com

Macumber, Karen -- Founded Fulgent New Media in 1998 after leaving Monster.com, doing marketing and advertising programs with clients that include ex-Interchangers: 508-655-4626; karenfulgentnm.com (2/02)

Mak, David -- dmaklynx.neu.edu

Martin, Mary -- I'm doing freelance writing, editing, web-content consulting and am always looking for leads. 508-474-1727; mmartinultranet.com

mcdonald, glenn -- eRoom Technology. 617-300-6306, gmcdonalderoom.com (2/02)

McGrath, Scott -- I'm currently Senior Product Manager for the Rhythmyx Content Management System at Percussion Software, 3 blocks from my house in Stoneham; smcgrathpercussion.com, work: 781-835-1309 (1/03)

McKay, Nadia Belash -- VP, Director, Staffing and Operations for the Strategy & Analysis Group at Digitas. Work: 617-867-1761; nmckaydigitas.com (5/02)

Mendez, Debby -- I'm contracting - software development mostly - currently working for Retrieve-It. dmendezmediaone.net (2/02)

Micheli, Mark -- I left Lycos in 2001 and free-lanced while working on plans to start my own business, including opening up a true Italian cafe for the lunch crowd in downtown Boston. When I came to my senses, I took a real job as a reporter for Boston Business Journal in 2002. Got a good business story? Feel free to contact me at 617-316-3220 or mmichelibizjournals.com; home: mmicheli1attbi.com (2/03)

Miller, Dan -- Executive Producer at Monster.com. 978-461-8720; dmillermonster.com (2/02)

Modrall, Mark -- Working at Lycos ("with Sangam"). modrallworld.std.com

Morgan, Paul -- 617-270-8862 (work); 617-924-7489 (home); pmorganshiva.com

Moses, Kim -- Currently I am working at Edens & Avant, a privately owned property management company. E&A buys, manages and leases space in shopping centers. Our New England Regional office is located on Newbury Street; kim02128yahoo.com (1/03)

Munsey-Kano, David -- President and founder of Cooperation in Sports,Inc. davidcoopsports.com

Nash, Peter -- 88 Concord St., Carlisle, MA 01741. 978-297-0032 (home); 617-788-7590 (work); petercliffjump.com (2/02)

Neiswender, Michael -- Currently, I am Information Products Sales Manager at INSO Corporation, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA 02116; 617-753-6827; mneiswenderinso.com

Nugent, Jean -- (The former Jean Growney); jeannienworldnet.att.net

O'Duinn, John -- I spent about a year and a half at Lotus, then moved to San Francisco to work for Oracle, where I've worked on a Java Virtual Machine embedded in the Oracle server and a Java Server Pages engine. I'm buying my first house, then I'll resume the task of filling the remaining nine spaces on my passport; johnoduinn.com

O'Grady, Shey -- (formerly Shey Carpenter) I spent the last five years working at Digitas, first in Boston and then in NYC. I left after the birth of my son, Samuel Patrick, on July 30, 2001 to be home with him full-time; sheymarieoyahoo.com (2/02)

O'Keefe, John -- I'm working at Prospero Technologies in Cambridge (where Mike Kraley is consulting). johno3erols.com

Palace, Jon -- Office: jpalacecopyright.com; home: jpalacemediaone.net

Palmer, Patti -- Founded (along with Cynthia Shanahan) an interactive design group called i-Collaborative . We're in our fifth year! We concentrate on UI design and interactive media projects. 508-497-9394; ppalmeri-collaborative.com (2/02)

Pant, Sangam -- I'm a general partner at Evercore Ventures based in Santa Monica. Supriya is busy looking after Pria, our 2-year-old daughter. spantevercoreventures.com (2/02)

Peller, Adam -- I'm part of an AdTech group at IBM, working in the Lotus building down the other end of First Street from our old Interchange offices; adampeller.newton.ma.us

Perkins, Ron -- Still living on Plum Island, still doing usability design and research now in our fifth year. We opened an office at 14 Inn St in Newburyport, so if you’re ever in town please stop by. 978-465-6083; rperkinsDesignPerspectives.com; Web site: www.DesignPerspectives.com (2/02)

Phillips, Lee -- The last six years have flown by in a flash. After working at NewsEdge for two years, the business was sold last year to Thomson. After the transition and associated reorgs, I am working to build a product-focused consultancy...and like others...looking to identify the next 'great thing'; lee.phillipsproduct-leadership.com or leephillipsattbi.com, phone 781-856-7228 (10/02)

Pomiansky, Lisa -- I've been living in San Francisco for more than five years now. I am a business consultant at Avolent, Inc. Our company develops EBPP/EIPP software; lisapavolent.com, lpomianskyhotmail.com (3/02)

Prescott, Lauren -- 508-303-3205 x248; lprescottlycos.com

Prescott, Steve -- I'm now working at Cambridge Technology Partners as a senior associate. 617-374-8761; sprescctp.com

Preston, Alyson -- We moved to southern France in August '03, Mouans-Sartoux if you want to look it up on a map. (Hint: It's near Nice.) I'm still a full-time mom of three. Globetrotters are welcome to contact us any time... we'd be happy to give you the local's tour! alysonprestonyahoo.com (10/03)

Proia, Lorena -- I have been in San Francisco working as the Creative Director at Avolent Inc. in charge of UI and corporate identity for the past two-plus years. Right now I'm getting ready for a big move back east! lorenaproia.com (2/02)

Prete, Matthew -- I'm doing Unix website consulting. pretethomson-thomson.com

Quesada, Sylvia -- Still freelancing, doing UI design: squesadaquesadadesign.com

Rakov, Simon -- I spent 2.5 years building Web applications at USWeb/CKS/MarchFirst, then 2 years leading a Java development team at Open Ratings, Inc. On July 8 I started as a Senior Software Engineer at AstraZeneca R&D Boston, which is actually located in Waltham. I'm working on J2EE intranet applications for drug discovery data management and helping the team with their software development process. Home: 617-738-5057; srakovyahoo.com (7/02)

Ratnarathorn, Maethee -- After a long career in design and technology, I am leaving the industry to pursue the other passion in my life -- food. "Follow your bliss," eh? Combining a lifetime of food experience learned from my grandfather and mother and my new culinary degree, I am opening a personal chef business, Aseana Kitchen www.aseanakitchen.com maxaseanakitchen.com (10/03)

Raymond, Jay -- JRaymondbanyan.com or animemantiac.net

Reilly, Jacinta -- 781-662-1708 (h), 781-588-3197 (cell), jacinta_ryahoo.com (5/03)

Renda, Mary -- I'm still working with the Department of Education on the Virtual Education Space project. Over the past year, music has taken on an increasingly important role in my life. I recorded a CD with my church choir this summer and in September, I traveled to Austria to perform with the Berkshire Choral Festival. That was the thrill of a lifetime! Our concerts were in the Parish Church of Mondsee, which is where the wedding scene in "Sound of Music" was filmed, and in the Salzburg Cathedral (the latter as part of their Sunday morning worship service). I also continue with my private vocal lessons; mrenda12earthlink.net (10/03)

Richardson-Wagner, Cheryl -- I have been with Cushman & Wakefield for about 3.5 years now -- still living in Lexington with my husband, Lenny, and daughter, Carrie (5 years). cwagnercushwake.com (2/02)

Rollert, David -- Yet another happy member of the Interchange Club at Fidelity. 978-369-1302; davidrollertatt.net (4/04)

Rosenstein, Michael -- Part of the large Fidelity chapter of the Interchange Alumni Club. michaelrworld.std.com (2/02)

Rossheim, John -- Independent journalist since 1999. Have written for Expedia.com, FastCompany.com, Monster.com, Network World, others. 401-273-0693; johnrossheim.com (2/02)

Rothman, Mike -- I was mostly a stay at home Dad from mid-97 until 99. (Our boy is now 6, our girl just about to turn 5). Then I worked as a part time contractor out of my home until late 2001, when I went to work for the Mathworks in Natick. It's been a great job, and I'm lucky to have it. Email address remains mrothmanaya.yale.edu (10/03)

Scherlis, Dan -- I am launching a mobile-game company. As a consultant, I support Comverse Technology's new mobile-games network, and I advise entertainment and interactive ventures. Mobile: 617-529-8483; home:617-244-8483 DanScherlis.com (6/02)

Schmidt, Tom -- Will anything ever be as good as "Item/New"? Never! I'm now with CNET Networks as executive producer for ZDNet News; tom.schmidtcnet.com

Seebach, Kristyn -- see Kristyn Harmon

Seif, Marnie -- Senior Vice President and General Counsel, RSA Security Inc. in Bedford. 781-301-5403; mseifrsasecurity.com (2/02)

Shah, Apu -- Currently working in New York City as as a consultant to financial services companies. I spent the last six years moving back to India, setting up my own company, surviving an earthquake, getting married, moving back to the USA . . . phew! Drop me a line, there's more! apujcpwatch.org (5/04)

Shanahan, Cynthia -- I'm a partner at i-Collaborative with Patti Palmer. We're in our fifth year of collaborating on UI design and interactive media projects. Mary Kate is 8 years old and Michael is 5. Can you believe it! 781-891-1967; cshanahai-collaborative.com (2/02)

Silveria, Bonnie -- Right now I'm a stay-at-home mom to my two-year-old son Zachery David -- and I love it! 978-685-7259; bjsilveriacomcast.net (2/04)

Simons, Bob -- After five years working as a jack-of-all-trades IT guy at two different software developers, doing everything from designing and running the networks to managing the SQA functions, I'm looking for my next job; bobfurgus.com (2/02)

Smith, Jan -- Director, online communications at Fidelity Investments. Principal quiltmaker at Quiltsmith.com. janquiltsmith.com (2/02)

Smith, Bill -- Group Product Manager, Terra Lycos in Waltham. There four years and counting; bill.smithcorp.terralycos.com (work), billlongwharf.com (home) (2/02)

Smith, Michael -- In May 2002 I was laid off from IDe. I am currently looking for my next software quality assurance opportunity. If you know of any companies looking to staff up their SQA teams, I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know! 781-641-3450; mjsmith999aol.com

Thurlby, Bruce -- Happily consulting on business development and strategy from beautiful downtown Tyrone, GA. 770-631-4242; bthurlbyaol.com. Y'all come by and see us... (2/02)

Tino, Jan -- Currently I'm an unemployed QE contractor and my email is jtinoattbi.com (2/02)

Tino, Frank -- VP of Product at Revenio Inc.; 781-852-2606, ftinoalum.mit.edu (2/02)

Towle, Mark -- I presently am working with Michael Smith at Politzer and Haney. I worked in Customer Care from 1995 until the traffic light was shutoff in August of 1996; markstowleyahoo.com (5/03)

Turcotte, Ron -- After almost a year as a free agent and consultant, I finally got a real job as VP, Solution Delivery at Fidelity Investments in Marlborough, MA; ronturcotte.com (1/03)

Ullmann, Andrew -- HTML designer, Lower Mills Group. fudgielowermills.com

Vacari, Jae -- See Cress, Jae

VanKonynenburg, Brian -- I worked with John Virgona as a contractor for Allen Hamilton in Ron Turcotte's organization. We developed the whole Interchange Loading System. Married to co-alumni Wendy King. We're expecting our first son June 28th 2003. Currently investigating corporate technology jobs. Spent two years exploring the film business and actually appeared at Sundace 2003, see www.brianvankay.com for more info; 617-794-8487, brianvanattbi.com (5/03)

Van Beaver, Stephen -- Co-founder and former SVP of Operations for Road Runner, now a partner in Pilot House Ventures. 978-664-1205 (home); stephenvanbeaver.com (2/02)

Vautrin, Jodi -- I'm freelancing as Creative Director of my own little design studio: 617-666-6880; jodijodivautrin.com; www.jodivautrin.com (2/02)

Waters, Margaret -- I'm a product manager at Macromedia in Newton, working part-time, and have two little ones, Lucy (born in 1999) and Peter (born eary 2002); mwatersmacromedia.com (2/02)

White, Donovan -- I was at MyHelpdesk.com chasing the bubble when it burst, and haven't done much since then except work on my running diary web site. Any work leads in content management or web scripting would be much appreciated; 978-597-5321, diasporaolinfo.com, Web site www.olinfo.com (11/02)

Willcox, Steve -- Chief Architect, Avitek LLC, Boulder, Colorado. 303-415-9525; swillcoxavitek.com

Willoughby, Gerald -- Still doing contract recruiting. Right now I'm looking for my next gig (just wrapped one up). If you know of any companies that are actually growing perhaps they need some help. GeraldWilloughby.com My bio is at http://www.willoughby.com/mybio.html (2/02)

Wist, Lisa -- Currently living and freelancing in Alameda, CA; lisawist.org (1/03)

Wylen, Eli -- I was at Interchange for one year plus one day, July 1993-94; ewylenTheWorld.com

Wyschogrod, Tamar -- Short version of my life: I'm home with three kids, Aaron and Paul (twins age 4) and Tracy (age 2). We live in Morristown, NJ. When we first moved down here, I was editorial director at EarthWeb. I'm in the process of trying to organize some freelance work as a grant writer; tlw32columbia.edu (9/02)

Zagieboylo, Maryann -- Maryann and Steve are still living in New Hampshire. Maryann has recently joined PerformaWorks as their Director of QA. She can be reached at maryannzag.net (02/03)

Zagieboylo, Steve -- Steve is working as a software architect at Bowstreet. His own consulting company, ZagNet has been quiescent for five years now (hence the somewhat outdated look of the Web site). You will always be able to reach him at zagzag.net (02/03)

Zellner, Suzanne -- I continue as the Executive Director of MassWIT, www.worldwit.org, a networking organization for businesswomen in technology in MA, RI and NH; szellnerattbi.com (2/02)

And here are the users who want to be remembered...

Hsi, Peter -- Peter Hsi Computer Consulting. 719-596-3826; 102435.3232compuserve.com

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